Today is World Password Day. This takes place on the first Thursday in May every year and its aim are to highlight the importance of strong passwords to strengthen your online security.

Here is a list of our top 5 tips for securing your online accounts:

  1. Use complex passwords – While often used words, your pets name, your birthday or the dreaded “password123” may be easy to remember they are also incredibly easy to crack. Ideally passwords should have a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. While you may love your dog “Peanut” dearly something like “SG%c&Dg2#9i8&T” is much more secure.
  1. Use unique passwords – Reports of data breaches are all too common in the media and these breaches often have user passwords. Malicious entities know that it is common for people to re-use passwords across multiple websites so although a breach to your account for some mobile game you downloaded 5 years ago and played once may not seem like a huge deal if the same e-mail address and password were also used for your bank account then the damage could escalate quite dramatically.
  1. Use password managers – With the number of sites and services we all have accounts for these days who can remember complex and unique passwords across multiple sites? This is where a password manager comes in. They securely remember your login credentials across all your accounts making it easier than ever to be secure online. They can also help to generate a secure and complex password.
  1. Enable 2FA authentication – Most online services now allow you to enable 2 factor authentication, sometimes called MFA, to add an extra layer of security to your account. There are multiple different mechanisms for enabling this such as mobile apps or receiving text messages when trying to login. Even if a hacker does crack your password, they can’t login without access to your 2FA code or device.
  1. Check for data breaches – Simply enter your e-mail address into the website and it will let you know if your e-mail address (and passwords) has been leaked in any data breaches. If they have, act! Change the passwords of any accounts that utilised the same password, or even better, take the time to change the password of all your accounts to make them all unique.

Take control of your online security this World Password Day. If you have any questions or need any advice to secure your business, get in touch with the Technology Support 24/7 team today for your FREE audit.

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