Managed IT Services are an essential component of every business’s success, and there are many different types of managed IT support available for businesses of all sizes.

Here at Technology Support 24/7, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of services that can be fully tailored to help organisations and small businesses throughout the UK. Before investing in managed IT, though, you’ll rightly want to know the immediate and long-term incentives. Here’s why you should outsource.

Managed IT Support is a Practical Choice

It now plays a central role in virtually every aspect of your daily business operations. From eCommerce platforms to offices, shop floors, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, every workplace setting relies heavily on internal and external tech communications. However, if you spend all of your time worrying about this issue, it will distract you from running the business.

Outsourcing IT support is a practical choice that will deliver cost savings and time savings while additionally saving your sanity. Stats show that 2 in 3 UK businesses embrace outsourcing while managed IT is one of the most popular choices.

While there are pros and cons of outsourcing IT support, it enables you to gain cost effective solutions reflected to your needs while also creating a fixed monthly charge. It also saves you from the stress and expense of recruiting an in house IT team or replacing support staff at a later date.

Managed IT Services will Improve Your Output

Appreciating the benefit of outsourcing from a practical perspective is one thing. Given that 85% of small business owners state that technology aids success, though, you must consider the direct impact it has on productivity and profitability too.

Firstly, managed IT services ensure that your business gains 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your network infrastructure, which helps ensure that your company’s computers and servers are running smoothly even outside of business hours. This can be a crucial factor for modern businesses that may have teams split across multiple time zones. It additionally aids issues like stock management and general automation.

Crucially, though, 24/7 monitored services will protect the business. Whether it’s preventing cyber attacks like malware and viruses or implementing a quick response after a breach doesn’t matter. The support team can help prevent problems and complete a disaster recovery service. Aside from protecting productivity and privacy, it can reduce reputational risks. IT is a full-time business commitment and managed IT support is the way to go.

The outsourced IT services can additionally support the internal IT team by covering a wide range of issues, including but not limited to.

  • Ensuring that cybersecurity features are updated to tackle the latest threats,
  • Helping the business understand its hardware and software needs for modern work,
  • Checking that your IT infrastructure is built for the future and uses great connectivity,
  • Confirming that the IT protocols deliver cost effective and compliant solutions,
  • Supporting internal teams with guidance or tips about relevant staff training.

Ultimately, the needs of the company can be reflected by the type of managed IT services. Whether it’s simply maintaining optimal uptime and network speeds or actively helping the business do more with its tech features doesn’t matter, managed IT allows small businesses to tap into the full potential of the digital world. Even if you are not a Master of Computer tech yourself, this can be a key step to using advanced features to support your workers, clients, and finances alike.

The Final Word on Why Managed IT Matters

When looking at the reasons for choosing managed IT support, one of the best options is to consider the potential fallout of overlooking the issue. Without it, you may suffer from slow productivity due to outdated hardware and software, increased cyber risk exposure, increased financial costs due to inadequate services, lost sales due to poor external connections with clients, and a lack of direction across the internal IT team.

Meanwhile, outsourced IT services will allow you to cut down on the need for as much on-site equipment or personnel. To learn more about how managed IT can support your business, get in touch today.

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