We all remember when GDPR kicked in back in May 2018, we were all inundated with emails for what seems like months asking if companies could continue to keep in touch with us. But in this flurry of emails that people may have missed, were communications from these companies confirming where your data was kept. These emails asked if you would like to have this data moved from the current data centre that it was homed in, to one either in the EU or even the UK.

As a result, any new accounts with the major businesses such as Microsoft, Google, Hubspot etc all try to home data for all new accounts in the home region of the billing address. You may be thinking apart from GDPR why does this matter to me and my business?


As your choice of data location can impact your customers.

The images below show the difference between London and San Francisco for Technology Support 24/7’s website.

Data test from San Francisco


Data test from London


Any questions? 

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