Companies can manage their own IT resources with in-house teams, but it is expensive, cumbersome and rarely meets their needs. Managed IT services are a popular alternative. Here, companies sign service level agreements with trusted partners, asking them to take over some or all of the day-to-day running of their computer networks. Benefits include freed up internal teams, improved service quality, and reduced costs.

How Can We Help?

At Technology Support 24/7, we offer multiple IT support services, including disaster recovery, security to keep your data safe, remote monitoring and software/hardware management. We can also perform more advanced tasks such as threat hunting, penetration testing and incident response, providing you with comprehensive defence. If you have any issue with your systems, you can contact technical support for advice, guidance and troubleshooting

Critically, our managed IT services are proactive. Security services combined with cloud computing let us take action in real-time to help your business network facilitate your corporate objectives and mission.

The cost savings of using a managed service provider (MSP) can be tremendous, too. You can get our cloud services for a low monthly fee instead of having to pay for an entire IT team, potentially saving you tens of thousands of pounds per year.

Why Do Businesses Need To Invest In IT Support?

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in IT support:

Get Access To The Latest Technology

Trying to run a business and keep track of developments in information technologies is a big ask. Businesses have to constantly monitor information channels for the latest updates, interpret them, and then decide whether they are worth implementing.

With an IT support service, though, you can avoid all of this. Third-party professionals manage things like system migration, app updates, and architecture overhauls so you don’t have to. What’s more, these updates occur without requiring you to change how your business functions. It’s all automatic.

Improve Data Storage And Analytics

Data storage is becoming increasingly important, even for small businesses. Companies want systems that let them store their clients’ files, employee records, customer data and financials easily, without paying for more than they need.

Under a conventional setup, the only option was to buy expensive internal storage devices and install them on your premises. Many companies found themselves with under-utilised capacity.

By contrast, managed IT services offer flexible storage that grows and shrinks according to a company’s needs. You only pay for the amount you use, encouraging better data economy and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Managed IT companies are great for analytics, too. They provide internal databases that store all of your market data, all backed up in the cloud. All you need to do is connect to your network and start your analysis.

Better Security

A managed security service is essential in today’s global market. Firms need partners that can effortlessly recover lost data and protect business networks in real-time against threats.

Managed IT services offer multiple layers of security. Remote monitoring keeps track of network activity in real-time, letting professionals watch data packets as they go in and out, stopping anything that looks suspicious. At the same time, managed service providers ensure that anti-virus and other software are up to date and fit for purpose. Application services install the latest versions of software without interrupting workflow.

Improved Time Management

Small businesses don’t always have a fully-fleshed-out organisational structure clearly defining who is responsible for what. In many cases, one team member has to take on several roles, causing their productivity to plummet and certain IT-related tasks to go undone.

With IT support, you can outsource all your computing tasks to a third party and concentrate on your core operations. IT services take care of your network, data and infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Faster Growth

Lastly, IT support facilitates faster growth. There’s nothing more annoying than IT considerations slowing down the rate at which your firm can grow. You’d love to expand rapidly, but if you are still relying on in-house IT, it can take a long time.

With managed IT services, though, you can scale at your leisure. IT service providers take care of extra capacity requirements for you, so you don’t have to. Furthermore, you can easily track all your data, letting you plan your IT needs better in the future.

In summary, our managed IT support is a service that you can use to unburden yourself from the day-to-day responsibility of running a computer network. Our team at TS 24/7 administers your network for you, giving you space to focus on your core mission. Contact us today to learn more.

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