Cyber Security

Cyber Security is becoming a frequently discussed topic, both in the news and in the office environment. But what does it mean?

Cyber Security is known by a number of various names, including Virus Protection, IT Security and Computer Security and it covers all the devices we use. Cyber Security is how an organisation and individuals reduce the risk of cyber-attack.

Technology Support 24/7 will assure you and your business that your infrastructure is secure. We make sure that security patches are kept up to date and that suitable protection for your business is in place.

Cyber Security

Technology Support 24/7 offers two solutions:


ESET Endpoint Security (Windows & Mac OS) 

ESET is an award-winning malware detection and protection for your business. Every workstation and endpoint need protection and with ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Remote Administrator you can easily implement and maintain a powerful anti-malware solution.  

ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server  

ESET’s award winning protection and detection rates on your Windows Server. Every workstation and endpoint need protection. Specifically engineered with a server environment in mind, ESET File Security keeps your server running smoothly without getting in the way.  

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Data is an integral part of modern business. When data is moved from place to place, whether it is via the internet or physical storage, it is vulnerable. Proactively protect your data with ESET Endpoint Encryption.  


Intercept X

Endpoint Protection with artificial intelligence.

Managed Services

Managed Threat Response with threat hunting, detection and response.

XG Firewall

Firewall with synchronised security built in.

Cloud Optix

Public Cloud visibility and threat response.