Backup and Replication

If the power in your office fails tonight and all your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost?
At Technology Support 24/7 we work with our clients to identify what needs to be in place to protect the business. We look at the backing up of data and which option would suit the business in the best way. We make sure that backups have been successful, ready to be used should the need arise.

Our Business Continuity Solutions are about more than just backup. We will work with you to implement the right solution to ensure your Servers/Devices/Network can recover quickly from unplanned downtime, ensuring your staff are operating productively in almost no time at all.

In today’s always-on business landscape, maintaining an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Data is playing an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes and the costs and risks associated with downtime are skyrocketing. Not to mention the damage your brand and reputation can suffer in the event of a disaster.
Our business continuity solutions include features like continuous data protection, cloud-based replication and recovery, amongst others.

Acronis Cloud & Local Backup

For smaller businesses where there is no Server infrastructure, data is more likely to be held on local workstations/devices. However, we have solutions which can ensure that your digital assets and data are protected.
With the rapid rise of remote working and cyber-attacks, it is now critical for you to protect your digital assets and data. With our RMM Acronis integration, you get Secure File Sharing, 24/7 Access, Data Loss Protection, Data Recovery, Easy Collaboration and much more. Protect your data with Acronis’s award-winning backup solution.

With Real-time backup, you can allow your users to copy files, directories, or volumes without having to disrupt workflow and reboot a system. With non-stop Backup, you get continuous protection of your data, so your data is 100% secure, always, forever.

Backup & Replication

VEEAM Cloud Connect – DRaaS

Veeam enables Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as part of a comprehensive Availability strategy, embracing virtualisation and storage investments in your data centre and extending them through the hybrid cloud. Affordable and efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) for ALL applications through the best and most trusted DRaaS providers across the globe. 

CloudCover 365

Many businesses do not realise that although Microsoft hosts the infrastructureit is still the end users responsibility to maintain a backup of their data. 

CloudCover 365 was created to provide a unique solution to help organisations ensure that this data is backed up