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  • ISDN
    Amanda Brearley
    Back in 2015 British Telecom (BT) announced that by 2025 it intended to upgrade all analogue (PSTN) to a fully digital based (IP) infrastructure. The reason for this is the cold hard reality of cost; the equipment that runs the PSTN network is aging rapidly, replacement parts are becoming scarce and suppliers have gone out of business. The workforce who helped to build the network are leaving, so there is a shortage of knowledge and skills. The 21CN (21st Century Network) is based on modern IP technology
  • Nick Clarke
    You have bought a shiny new device! What now? In this article we cover a few of our recommendations on what to do with your new device (this is also applicable for your existing devices). So, before you get stuck in on social media / YouTube videos etc. why not take a few minutes to read our article & keep your data & device safe Updates Your device is new to you, but this does
  • Patch Tuesday
    Stan Ferguson-Smith
    This week included the 2nd Tuesday of October, which means that it was “Patch Tuesday”. This is the day when Microsoft, along with other organisations including Google, Intel, SAP,  and VMWare release their updates. This month Microsoft addressed 87 vulnerabilities in several Microsoft Products including Excel, Outlook and the Windows TCP/IP Stack. 21 of these are Remote Code Execution (RCE) issues which could allow attackers to gain control of a vulnerable system. This is significantly
  • Stan Ferguson-Smith
    We all remember when GDPR kicked in back in May 2018, we were all inundated with emails for what seems like months asking if companies could continue to keep in touch with us. But in this flurry of emails that people may have missed, were communications from these companies confirming where your data was kept. These emails asked if you would like to have this data moved from the current data centre that it was homed in,
  • Stan Ferguson-Smith
    Now that the dust has settled and people are getting used to working from home on a regular basis,  on-line meeting tools such as Teams, Zoom and BlueJeans are becoming second nature.   However, you may have noticed when using these tools that your video / sound sometimes gets distorted or freezes, along with a warning about “unstable network connection”. Then you realise that your home internet connection, which up until last month was used for the odd bit of Netflix, YouTube, Tiktok etc is now being
  • Stan Ferguson-Smith
    One day shy of its 25th Birthday, Adobe (nee Macromedia) Flash Player will officially become End of Life (EoL) on 31st December 2020. Adobe announced the EoL in July 2017, back then it had a 7.5% usage rate according to W3Techs, down from 28.5% in its heyday in 2011. Today it is standing at 2.4%! This EoL event will be slightly different from most, as Adobe have taken quite an aggressive stance to ensure that
  • Outsource IT
    Amanda Brearley
    It’s a question that we are often asked in Technology Support 24/7, why would you look to outsource our IT support for the business, versus bringing in a dedicated IT Manager? Surely, having a dedicated IT Manager in the business, means that someone is there 24/7 to support your business; doesn’t it? There are several reasons why you might look to outsource your IT support, but one of the main reasons, is really in the