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  • ISDN
    Amanda Brearley
    Back in 2015 British Telecom (BT) announced that by 2025 it intended to upgrade all analogue (PSTN) to a fully digital based (IP) infrastructure. The reason for this is the cold hard reality of cost; the equipment that runs the PSTN network is aging rapidly, replacement parts are becoming scarce and suppliers have gone out of business. The workforce who helped to build the network are leaving, so there is a shortage of knowledge and skills. The 21CN (21st Century Network) is based on modern IP technology
  • Nick Clarke
    You have bought a shiny new device! What now? In this article we cover a few of our recommendations on what to do with your new device (this is also applicable for your existing devices). So, before you get stuck in on social media / YouTube videos etc. why not take a few minutes to read our article & keep your data & device safe Updates Your device is new to you, but this does
  • Outsource IT
    Amanda Brearley
    It’s a question that we are often asked in Technology Support 24/7, why would you look to outsource our IT support for the business, versus bringing in a dedicated IT Manager? Surely, having a dedicated IT Manager in the business, means that someone is there 24/7 to support your business; doesn’t it? There are several reasons why you might look to outsource your IT support, but one of the main reasons, is really in the