Did you know that 64% of companies have experienced at least one cyber attack? With new incidents happening every single minute too, it is imperative that your company receive the cyber security support that it needs to stay safe. Otherwise, the financial and reputational damage caused by a single breach could spell disaster for the company.

Technology Support 24/7 can provide a range of services that incorporate advanced cyber security to help your company stay on top of the situation. In the meantime, building a comprehensive strategy should be at the top of the agenda. The following tips for small businesses will point you in the right direction.

Update your IT infrastructure

The harsh reality is that working with outdated hardware and software won’t only harm productivity speeds. It will also result in increased risk exposure because the inadequate IT infrastructure will not be ready to cope with the latest threats. Not having sophisticated cyber security tech is an increasingly common fear shared by SME owners but it’s never too late to make an upgrade or restore your safety.

Outsourced IT support is one way to facilitate this change. Alternatively, Technology Support 24/7 can provide IT consultancy services that will complete a full audit of the current situation before assisting you through the necessary upgrades. While the right IT infrastructure won’t rule out threats, it ensures that you have the best defense to deal with modern threats.

Invest in staff training

Research shows that up to 95% of cyber attacks are attributed to human error. So, if you are committed to protecting your business in style, it’s imperative that its IT infrastructure is supported by competent workers. While outsourced IT support teams can monitor the network, staff training courses that make employees aware of the latest scams, malware, and ransomware will be vital.

This move is especially important for teams who allow employees to work remotely from home. Once again, managed IT teams can provide quick responses, but prevention is always the best form of protection. Aside from protecting client data, it is one of the only ways to ensure that your staff members can work with conference and optimal speeds.

Have 24/7 care and response plans in place

Whether you secure technology support from a team of experts or use internal teams, opting for a 24/7 approach is the only option. This is because modern businesses are online at all times to ensure a continuous connection to prospective clients. Sadly, it does mean that it is exposed to potential breaches at all times too. Without ongoing support, response times to any attack will be far slower.

It is hugely concerning to know that almost a quarter of cyber alerts are ignored in business. With outsourced IT support, there will always be someone keeping track of the situation. If an attack does somehow escape through the net, it will be possible to limit the damage before strengthening the company’s cyber security systems.

Take cybersecurity everywhere

It’s one thing to ensure that the office is suitably protected. However, your cyber security measures must extend to all workplace settings, including Smart warehouses and shop floors. When POS systems, manufacturing facilities, and CRM tools interact with each other, they need to do it in a secure way. Shortcomings in just one area could potentially lead to major consequences for the company.

In addition to protecting the facilities in permanent settings, you should also use scalable and secure technology support for conferences, trade shows, or locations in the field. Using shared public networks is a notoriously risky concept. Keep interactions limited to your team, and you will not regret it.

Utilise the latest account and data protection tools

There is no escaping the fact that cyber threats are at an all-time high. Thankfully, though, it is easier to implement advanced data protection and account management processes. The extra layers of protection offered by biometric security and two-factor authentication can work wonders. Given that 1 in 3 companies lose customers after a breach, you must not put this off. If you do, permanent damage may occur.

As well as protecting accounts and implementing ideas like stronger passwords, it’s important to think about internal threats. Use non-disclosure agreements to prevent issues caused by ex-workers. When supported by copyrights and other legal protections, you won’t go far wrong. A safe business is a happy business.

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