How we helped

Walford Cunningham and Hayes is a Venture Capital and Advisory Business, which was founded by our own Non-Executive Director, Martin Keelagher, in 2012. Since its foundation, the firm has invested in several businesses, in sectors such as Technology, PR, Robotic Automations, Security, Sports and leisure, events, insurance and consultancies, to name but a few.

The small, dedicated team, within the organisation requires support 24hrs a day, seven days a week, as they are often travelling between offices and sites, meeting with teams and clients and require a secure and highly robust solution, with the flexibility to meet the needs of several different types of businesses and indeed offices.

After carrying out our Technology Support 24/7 deep dive with the team, we were able to ascertain that they would require an solution that allowed for an element of consistency, across several offices, so we designed a hardware package to meet these needs, with dual monitors, to easily review documents and work on several tasks at anyone time, while offering wireless keyboards and mouse, easily accessed through a docking station at each location, utilising USB 3.0. This also allowed for different devices or indeed users, to also use the setup. This was combined with M365 access, syncing between each of the businesses M365 applications; ensuring a seamless working environment; with disaster recovery and contingency planning, at its core

“When considering our Technology Support partner, we needed a solution that could be as flexible as we are, we often find ourselves travelling between offices or clients and need to be able to have access to the same resources, such as our files, whenever and wherever we find ourselves, be it national or international. We also wanted a solution, that could seamlessly integrate between our applications to increase efficiency throughout. Technology Support 24/7, took the time to understand our needs and have implemented a strategy with M365 infrastructure at its heart, across the organisation. They have also introduced us to mobile screens technology, which means that we are able to travel with two screens, again, allowing us to be more efficient, while working on the move, ensuring we have the same setup of technology, wherever we find ourselves working.”
Martin Keelagher

Chair, Walford Cunningham and Hayes