How we helped

Medicus Conferences is a niche, dedicated business, specialising in hosting and operating, Medical related events, across the UK. These events, often taken place through a conference environment, over the course of several days, with several hundred attendees.

The business also provides administration services, to several medical associations and medical related organisations, working to support best practice and learning across the medical profession.

The business required a robust and secure solution for the Technology solution, that would be fully mobile and secure, while able to access several open WiFi networks, during the course of an event, or indeed number of events over the course of a week.

The business’ needs dictated, that while supporting these events, they needed to feel that behind them, was a team of technology experts, able to cope with any eventuality, ensuring that not only the immediate team in Medicus Conferences were supported, but their wider delegates, no matter what the ask. Technology Support 24/7 were able to supply this to the client, providing full support to the client, during the course of their conference. Technology Support 24/7 were also able to offer a solution, wereby the team could ‘turn on and off’ the support required for events in anyone month, resulting in a cost affective solution as well, rather than maintain a contract year round, that offered support 24/7.

“We manage and operate a number of events each year, in the areas of medicine, from live and virtual events, through to online seminars. We needed a technology partner who could not only support our business, but also our clients during these events, we needed a partner that could really break down needs of participants, supporting them with everything from WiFi connection, through to joining a virtual seminar. The team at Technology Support 24/7, are able to break down tech solutions and make it accessible for all, while really caring about supporting your business and its goals”
Diane Comer

Managing Director, Medicus Conferences