How we helped

We upgraded and expanded the network infrastructure of Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club to allow them to fully utilize their new leased line. This included a new Draytek Router, Netgear managed network switiches and ubiquiti WiFi equipment. We oversaw the installation of structured cabling by one of our trusted partners. We are also excited to be supporting HRUFC with all their IT needs moving forwards.

Huddersfield Rugby Union Club based at Lockwood Park, Huddersfield had just upgraded to a Leased Line and had a requirement to upgrade their network infrastructure for a number of reasons. The first was to provide better WiFi coverage for match day attendees across the estate as well as for functions hosted in their Waterloo Suite. Secondly, they have a number of tenants in serviced offices that they wished to share their internet connectivity with, this provided to be a challenge due to the size of the estate and the majority of the tenants being located in a different section of the building. We were tasked with making this a reality with a cost-effective but robust solution.

We recommended re-using the existing comms cabinet in the main HRUFC office but upgrading the equipment. We proposed a Draytek Vigor 3910 router for the numerous internet connections along with a Netgear GS324TP managed switch, these would service one of the tenants and the Rugby Club itself. The remaining tenants were a little more challenging as they were in a completely separate part of the building, around 100m away. To minimise the amount of cabling to be run and provide a solid connection with proposed running a fibre link from the main comms cabinet to the other part of the building and installing an additional cabinet with an additional Netgear GS324TP. This would then be connected to new data points installed in each of the serviced offices.

With this hardware configuration each tenant would have their own VLAN to keep traffic segregated offering them both security and privacy.

The installation was over a number of days as there was a large amount of cabling to install as well as configuration of all the hardware.

We tidied up the existing comms cabinet as best we could and installed our new hardware. We then installed the new comms cabinet in the loft space above the majority of the serviced offices with our hardware.

The installation went smoothly with minimal disruption. The Rugby Club were moved over first to the new hardware and leased line followed by all the tenants. The hardware and configuration we had provided meant that it was plug and play for the tenants making for a smooth transition.

The combination of a leased line and robust networking hardware mean that the infrastructure and connections are much more stable. There are no longer internet drop outs and the rugby club no longer need to frequently restart their router.

“We were looking for a solution to enable us to have internet that worked for our needs. We had frequent internet dropouts that would seriously affect the way that our business could work. We decided to get a leased line and Technology Support 24/7 came in and provided the infrastructure to enable the technology to work for us. We have been extremely pleased with how our IT systems and infrastructure works across the site. Technology Support 24/7 also provide our ongoing IT support which ensures that if there are any issues, they are quickly resolved and ensure that ourselves and our tenants have that peace of mind that our businesses can function as we want.”
Stuart Leach

General Manager, Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club