How we helped

Security Access Systems are your complete, automated security partner, providing planned and reactive maintenance as well as installation, for all types of Gates, barriers, turnstiles, bollards, access control and CCTV.

Security Access Systems, works with clients across the North West and needed a solution, that was as flexible and market leading as they are. The solution involved, implementing Microsoft Office 365 across the business, allowing for SharePoint to be embedded, removing the need for a dedicated server, along with the need for a significant capital investment, in such infrastructure, while providing a solution that can be easily scaled up, as the business grows and develops.

Technology Support 24/7, were able to work closely with the team and ascertain what they required as a solution, by looking at the individual roles of both the teams in the office, as well as the engineers on the road. As part of our deep dive and fact finding with the team, we also spoke to a number of their clients, to ascertain, what would help them work more effectively together, such as dedicated shared space, through the SharePoint proposition, as well as looking at key software applications, that we could look to introduce, to streamline processes. We were also able to provide a robust SharePoint backup and disaster recovery proposition.

We continue to support the team on a monthly basis, acting as their strategic advisor, we have been tasked with next providing a VoIP solution, that we will look to implement for them, guiding them every step of the way.

“We are specialist, automated security business, based in the North West of the UK. We were looking at ways that we could work smarter as a business, to support our clients and be able to work on the move, as our teams our often out on the road, working from client sites. We were introduced to Technology Support 24/7, as a Technology support business that were well placed to support a manufacturing, engineering geared business. Working with the team, we have identified the right hardware for the business, coupled with the right applications for us to work more efficiently and joined up, as a team. All our assets our managed through our Intune, M365 environment, with encryption and remote management.”
Sue Keelagher

MD, Security Access Systems Ltd