How we helped

Lazarus Fitness is a dedicated Personal Training and Fitness class provider, based in Hyde, near Stockport. Lazarus has several highly qualified personal trainers, who require a quick, simple and flexible technology solution, that can work with them, being as flexible and strong as they are!

Technology Support 24/7, worked with the team, to understand the devices that they used on a day to day basis, along with key applications, such as diary management software, point of sale and social media. Through this, we were able to recommend a solution that worked to provided quick and easy access, to key documents, such as ParQs and client training folders, while on the move. Managed through M365 and SharePoint, we also implemented teams across the Personal Trainers and shared diaries, to help with client management. This has become even more important, given the impact that COVID-19 has had upon the industry and the need to carefully manage diaries and provide track and trace.

We are also working with the team, to develop a type of client file sharing tool, which will allow clients to access their training records remotely, when not in Lazarus, so that they can easily keep track of progress and also their diet plans.

“We are dedicated Personal Training and Fitness Class provider, with a team of highly dedicated Personal Trainers. The last few years have seen us face a number of challenges, with the Covid Pandemic have a huge affect upon our business, we have had to pivot and embrace technology to help us find and utilise new technologies, to reach our clients safely. This has seen us embrace virtual classes and online training, but we need a partner to help guide us on this journey, which is when we were introduced to Technology Support 24/7, who have helped support this business and our technology needs, as move forward in to a new era of training clients.”
Gavin Fyne-Maguire

MD, Lazarus Fitness