Medicus Conferences

Medicus Conferences is a niche, dedicated business, specialising in hosting and operating, Medical related events, across the UK. These events, often taken place through a conference environment, over the course of several days, with several hundred attendees.  

The business also provides administration services, to several medical associations and medical related organisations, working to support best practice and learning across the medical profession.  

The business required a robust and secure solution for the Technology solution, that would be fully mobile and secure, while able to access several open WiFi networks, during the course of an event, or indeed number of events over the course of a week.  

The business’ needs dictated, that while supporting these events, they needed to feel that behind them, was a team of technology experts, able to cope with any eventuality, ensuring that not only  the immediate team in Medicus Conferences were supported, but their wider delegates, no matter what the ask. Technology Support 24/7 were able to supply this to the client, providing full support to the client, during the course of their conference. Technology Support 24/7 were also able to offer a solution, wereby the team could ‘turn on and off’ the support required for events in anyone month, resulting in a cost affective solution as well, rather than maintain a contract year round, that offered support 24/7.  

Walford Cunningham & Hayes

Walford Cunningham and Hayes is a Venture Capital and Advisory Business, which was founded by our own Non-Executive Director, Martin Keelagher, in 2012. Since its foundation, the firm has invested in several businesses, in sectors such as Technology, PR, Robotic Automations, Security, Sports and leisure, events, insurance and consultancies, to name but a few.  

The small, dedicated team, within the organisation requires support 24hrs a day, seven days a week, as they are often travelling between offices and sites, meeting with teams and clients and require a secure and highly robust solution, with the flexibility to meet the needs of several different types of businesses and indeed offices.  

After carrying out our Technology Support 24/7 deep dive with the team, we were able to ascertain that they would require an solution that allowed for an element of consistency, across several offices, so we designed a hardware package to meet these needs, with dual monitors, to easily review documents and work on several tasks at anyone time, while offering wireless keyboards and mouse, easily accessed through a docking station at each location, utilising USB 3.0. This also allowed for different devices or indeed users, to also use the setup. This was combined with M365 access, syncing between each of the businesses M365 applications; ensuring a seamless working environment; with disaster recovery and contingency planning, at its core

Lazarus Fitness

Lazarus Fitness is a dedicated Personal Training and Fitness class provider, based in Hyde, near Stockport. Lazarus has several highly qualified personal trainers, who require a quick, simple and flexible technology solution, that can work with thembeing as flexible and strong as they are!  

Technology Support 24/7, worked with the team, to understand the devices that they used on a day to day basis, along with key applications, such as diary management software, point of sale and social media. Through this, we were able to recommend a solution that worked to provided quick and easy access, to key documents, such as ParQs and client training folders, while on the move. Managed through M365 and SharePoint, we also implemented teams across the Personal Trainers and shared diaries, to help with client management. This has become even more important, given the impact that COVID-19 has had upon the industry and the need to carefully manage diaries and provide track and trace.  

We are also working with the team, to develop a type of client file sharing tool, which will allow clients to access their training records remotely, when not in Lazarus, so that they can easily keep track of progress and also their diet plans.

Security Access Systems

Security Access Systems are your complete, automated security partner, providing planned and reactive maintenance as well as installation, for all types of Gates, barriers, turnstiles, bollards, access control and CCTV.  

Security Access Systems, works with clients across the North West and needed a solution, that was as flexible and market leading as they are. The solution involved, implementing Microsoft Office 365 across the business, allowing for SharePoint to be embedded, removing the need for a dedicated server, along with the need for a significant capital investment, in such infrastructure, while providing a solution that can be easily scaled up, as the business grows and develops.   

Technology Support 24/7, were able to work closely with the team and ascertain what they required as a solution, by looking at the individual roles of both the teams in the office, as well as the engineers on the road. As part of our deep dive and fact finding with the team, we also spoke to a number of their clients, to ascertain, what would help them work more effectively together, such as dedicated shared space, through the SharePoint proposition, as well as looking at key software applications, that we could look to introduce, to streamline processes. We were also able to provide a robust SharePoint backup and disaster recovery proposition.  

We continue to support the team on a monthly basis, acting as their strategic advisor, we have been tasked with next providing a VoIP solution, that we will look to implement for them, guiding them every step of the way.