We Keep Your Business Running by Managing Your Technology

We provide tailored solutions to fit your business’s requirements, needs and future aspirations.

Company History

Technology Support 24/7 was founded by Nick Clarke and Martin Keelagher in the summer of 2020.

Nick Clarke had previously been Director and Partner at Stonehouse Logic and Chess ICT, whilst Martin Keelagher had held roles and board positions in several technology support entities, and software development entities, most recently seen through his appointment as CEO of Agile Automations, a bespoke, Robotic Process Automations provider, based in Manchester. Through his commercial endeavours, Martin founded Walford Cunningham and Hayes in 2012, a boutique, venture capital and advisory business, through which he holds various positions, as Chair, Director and Advisor, spanning several sectors and markets.

Nick and Martin launched Technology Support 24/7 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, having initially founded support initiatives within the business community, helping the community to cope throughout the pandemic, and the unique challenges which it has created.

These initiatives created a safe space for business owners to talk to each other throughout the difficult periods of lockdown and isolation.

In turn, this work led them to the discussion around the need for a Technology Support partner who truly understands what businesses require and need in the twenty first century, especially with working conditions changing for the foreseeable future…

…and so, Technology Support 24/7 was formed.

With an amazingly talented and highly dedicated team of individuals and supported by a wider Group of Venture Capital backed entities, Technology Support 24/7 has the reach to provide you with a level of service that is second to none.

Our Mission

To provide proactive, strategic support, ensuring your Technology Infrastructure is there to support you and your business, whenever and wherever needed.

Our Values

Being your trusted Technology partner, our values are:

  • Focus on the user’s needs and all else will follow.
  • You don’t need to be at your desk to work effectively.
  • You can be serious and successful without a suit and tie. Be judged on your abilities, not your wardrobe.
  • Great isn’t good enough– we are only here once, so make an impact.
  • Accountability – we all make mistakes; it’s how you react to them that counts.
  • KISS; Keep it simple stupid. Simplicity is key, do it in three steps, not ten.
  • Respect above all else; for yourself, each other and the world we find ourselves in.

Founder Thoughts

Martin Keelagher – Director, Technology Support 24/7

Martin is a Non-Executive Director for Technology Support 24/7. A new breed of Managed Service Provider looking to disrupt the Managed IT Services space.

Martin is a Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Venture Capital and Advisory firm, Walford Cunningham and Hayes. He acts as a Non-Executive Director, holding several roles across a portfolio of businesses, across Security, Technology Support, Insurance, Software, leisure and Marketing, Wealth Management, to name a few key areas.

Martin launched Technology Support 24/7, alongside Nick Clarke, having known each other for over ten years, they saw a need in the market, for an entrepreneurial technology support business, that could support sophisticated SME clients, in both their technology requirements and efficiencies, working as a trusted partner, to their organisation.

On the launch of Technology Support 24/7, Martin Comments:

“Most importantly, Technology Support 24/7, is an Tech support business, that has been launched by individuals, as serial entrepreneurs, who have been sat in the same shoes as our clients, looking for that ‘right’ partner to work with and support our business’ IT needs, proactively.

We struggled to find that Support Partner, that was the right fit with our organisations and truly understood our needs and to that end, we launched Technology Support 24/7, as we simply thought that there was a better way to support businesses and their technology needs, through one solution, one strategic partner who truly understood your needs, even when you might not yourselves!

Through Technology Support 24/7, our clients can access that same opportunity, a partner that understands your organisation, your aspirations and your financial constraints.”

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Nick Clarke- Director, Technology Support 24/7

Nick is Director and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) for Technology Support 24/7. A new breed of Managed Service Provider looking to disrupt the Managed IT Services space.

Nick has over thirty years’ experience in Technology, ranging from software consultancy, through to SAGE support, having built his first application at 15 years old for his family’s business.

He is also a serial entrepreneur, having previously launched & run two Managed IT Support Businesses under the Stonehouse Logic Ltd brand & also with Chess ICT Limited as Head of Software Services laying the foundation of their current Sage Practise (Sage 200 Business Partner), before leaving in the summer of 2020 to launch Technology Support 24/7.

On launch of Technology Support 24/7, Nick Commented:

“In the past, I have been frustrated that I wasn’t able to offer clients the support of a complete solutions provider, taking a holistic approach to their needs. We found that we might be brought into the client, to help with the implementation of a SAGE solution, while we might well have seen other areas, such as the businesses cloud solution or indeed cybersecurity, which I knew could be improved, but weren’t able to at the time. We knew that in launching Technology Support 24/7, this would offer us the vehicle to work with our clients, as a complete solution.

Launching Technology Support 24/7, allows us that ability, to take a helicopter viewpoint of an organisation and ensure that all the technology elements within it, work together, through a strategic integration of systems; be this through using the applications inherent within Microsoft 365, through to Power BI and integration with SAGE and manufacturing platforms.

When we launched Technology Support 24/7, we really saw the opportunity to make a difference to our clients, both personally and to their organisations. This is seen more and more throughout the pandemic, as businesses are looking towards a hybrid model, of working anywhere with a secure connection. But, for a client, where do you begin? We want to take that headache away and ensure best practice is maintained throughout.”

Say YES to things that save time, money and stress, including:

  • Around the Clock Support

  • Reliable Remote Monitoring

  • Peace of Mind

  • Protection

  • Full Support for Your Team

  • Quick Restoration

Say NO to things that cost time, money and stress, including:

  • Time Wasting

  • Useless Email Systems

  • Forgotten Passwords

  • Locked Accounts

  • Lost or Stolen Data

  • Cyber Threats

“Despite a complex bespoke Sage 200 project Nick has plotted a clear and realistic path to completion and has been a voice of reason throughout. He has provided a measured approach to the project and highlighted the importance of cause and effect.”

Angus Cameron Pride