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Despite a complex bespoke Sage 200 project Nick has plotted a clear and realistic path to completion and has been a voice of reason throughout. He has provided a measured approach to the project and highlighted the importance of cause and effect. He has also communicated well to manage expectation along the way. I’d be more than happy to embark on a similar project again with Nick.

Angus Cameron Pride

I had the pleasure of working with Nick on many projects at AC Computers and at TSG. Not many people could have made the transition to Sage Software Consultant AND learn about the Construction Industry, but Nick did. Never a clock watcher and always striving to provide the customer with the best service possible, Nick was always picked for the ‘difficult jobs’ due to his technical knowledge. Nick also excelled in Project Management and was able to complete a number of complex projects, on time and on budget. I would happily work with Nick again.

Robin Fitzpatrick, Sage Business Partner